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My Inner Secret

One tear says more than a 1000 words. One cut says more than a 1000 tears

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My Inner Secret

Self Injury Support Group.

For everyone who seeks support and a place to vent. For everyone who feels the need to help others.
My Inner Secret exists to be the benefit to you, to help you get through hard times in your life, to be able to talk honest about your Self Injury and not feeling like a freak.
You are NOT a freak.
Self Injury is much more world wide than you could ever imagine.
Unfortunately it is also the most misunderstood issue.

Here you can be honest and speak your mind in detail, not having to write trigger on your posts.
Being a member of this community indicates that you can deal with the real facts of Self Injury, look at them while keeping yourself safe.
If you strongly feel you cannot deal with Self Injury as it really is, you don't belong.

There are some simple rules:
1. To receive respect, you have to give respect.
2. No spamming or off topics.
3. Try and type as well as you can so we can all avoid misunderstandings and annoyances.
4. Try and be active to keep the community alive. It is alright to take time off but it would be lovely if you could return once in a while and help to support fellow members.
5. Extreme negative views of any kind will most likely not be tolerated.
6. No lecturing. This is a broad statement but to give an example it is when you tell a person not to do whatever they do because it is "stupid" or other.
7. Please refrain from bashing, flaming, etc., the usual.

When you have become a member, you must introduce yourself in the Introductions post.

Otherwise, I welcome you to this community.